Fowler & Hammer, Inc. is qualified to serve customers in a variety of ways—from pre-construction planning to post-construction maintenance. We partner with both small and large customers in a wide range of industries, but have special expertise in the healthcare, education, and industrial manufacturing sectors.

As a Fowler & Hammer, Inc. customer, you will benefit from our dedication to quality, extensive experience, and commitment to customer service. Our focus is on consistently providing high-quality work at a great value while adhering to our customers’ schedules and budgets.

In addition, you will find that our workforce consists of professional, highly trained craftsmen who take pride in providing a finished product of unparalleled quality.

Pre-Construction Phase Services:

Construction Phase Services:

Post-Construction Phase Services:

  • General ContractingOpen or Close
    General Contracting When you choose Fowler & Hammer, Inc. as your general contractor, you will benefit from our extensive experience, dedication to quality, and commitment to customer service. Our focus is on consistently providing high-quality work at a great value while adhering to our customers’ schedules and budgets.

    Fowler & Hammer, Inc. offers general contracting services for everything from renovations and remodels to new construction. Self performed, award winning masonry, concrete, carpentry, and steel erection trade work is the driving force behind the Fowler & Hammer, Inc. track record of success. Minimal reliance on subcontractors ensures your project receives a schedule designed to increase efficiency.

    At Fowler & Hammer, Inc., we realize that every project varies in complexity. Our construction professionals have the knowledge and experience to lead a project no matter the size or scope of the work being performed. Whether your next construction project is a small specialty job, or requires multiple phases, Fowler & Hammer, Inc. will apply the same level of expertise and professionalism expected of an industry leader.

    Creating a safe work environment for everyone involved in the construction process is a top priority of Fowler & Hammer, Inc. Our dedicated full-time safety director will ensure our strict safety standards are carried out by actively monitoring and providing instruction throughout the duration of the project.

    Developing relationships based on a value driven, customer first attitude will always be at the forefront of our decision making. Construction is a service industry, and our customers deserve the very best!

    General Contracting Services Offered:

    • Additions
    • Remodeling
    • New Construction
    • Restoration
    • Quality Control
    • Scheduling

  • Design / BuildOpen or Close
    Design / Build

    In a design/build relationship, the contractor is brought on board earlier, to both plan and complete the project.

    By providing both design and contracting services we act as the single source of responsibility for the entire project from design through completion.

    Using this approach allows us to partner with our customers in order to craft a well thought out plan designed to completely meet their needs. The end result is a superior project based in advanced construction knowledge that speaks to the quality of your organization.

    FHI Design / Build Advantages:

    • Single Source Of Responsibility
    • Cost Guarantee
    • Improved Communication/Coordination
    • Unified System Of Design/Construction
    • Fast-Track Schedule For Earlier Occupancy
    • Ability To Design More Efficiently/Effectively
    • Better Cost Control
    • Ease Of Project Changes
    • Phased Construction Documents That Protect Owner Interests
    • 100% Cost Savings Returned To Owner

  • Construction ManagementOpen or Close
    Construction Management

    As the Construction Manager, Fowler & Hammer, Inc. performs project management under a professional services contract with the owner. Although the owner typically has a separate contract with a designer, Fowler & Hammer, Inc. provides leadership and financial responsibility from the design phase through construction completion.

    When you hire Fowler & Hammer, Inc. to provide construction management services you gain access to our vendor relationships, construction expertise, and extensive industry knowledge. An outside/objective perspective from Fowler & Hammer, Inc. results in improved plans and a more efficient construction process.

    In some cases, Fowler & Hammer, Inc. acts as the general contractor and the construction manager. Under this arrangement, we may self-perform general construction work and provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to the owner. The GMP represents the maximum contract amount which the owner is obligated to pay resulting in any overages being paid by Fowler & Hammer, Inc. Typically under the GMP system, cost savings are shared between the owner and contractor on a mutually agreed-upon basis. However, at Fowler and Hammer, Inc. 100% of savings are always returned to the owner.

  • MasonryOpen or Close
    Masonry Fowler & Hammer, Inc. takes pride in supplying the highest quality masonry construction and restoration services.

    A key factor in the success of our masonry division is the emphasis we place on self-performing as much work as possible. This allows us to provide better cost control,
    safer jobsites, and quickly react to scheduling/plan revisions. Take comfort in knowing the success of your next masonry project is not contingent on the schedule of a subcontractor.

    As a member of the International Masonry Institute,
    Fowler & Hammer Inc. employs award winning masonry professionals committed to providing quality work through an unparalleled attention to detail. Your finished project will reflect the pride and craftsmanship they bring to the jobsite on a daily basis.

    Lastly, Fowler & Hammer, Inc. strongly believes in supplying our masons with the latest tools and equipment needed to guarantee the success of your next project. This philosophy ensures that our skilled masons perform at peak efficiency while providing you with a finished product that you can be proud of.

  • CarpentryOpen or Close
    Carpentry Fowler & Hammer, Inc. is committed to providing the finest carpentry services available. Each and every project is treated with the attention and expertise expected from a construction leader.

    A heavy investment in state-of-the-art carpentry equipment along with a dedication to self-performing work ensures Fowler & Hammer, Inc. remains your single source of contact. This allows our construction professionals to better control all aspects of your project including quality, cost control, safety, and scheduling.

    Over 50 years of experience providing exceptional carpentry services allows our construction experts to excel in specialized or unique carpentry projects. A strong attention to detail, experienced workforce, and continuous training/development, are the keys to providing you with reliable, professional results.

    No matter the scale of your next carpentry project,
    Fowler & Hammer, Inc. has the knowledge, equipment, and labor force to make it a success.

  • Steel ErectionOpen or Close
    Steel Erection Fowler & Hammer, Inc.’s commitment to providing the highest quality steel erection services starts with a full staff of highly trained construction professionals.

    Take comfort in the fact that our skilled ironworkers are fully committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and jobsite safety.

    Fowler & Hammer, Inc.’s emphasis on equipment ownership and self-performing work allows for an advanced level of project management while reducing responsibility to a single source.

    This guarantees you will receive the benefits from a streamlined completion plan with effective cost controls.

    From small scale projects such as decorative handrails to large scale multi-story steel erection, Fowler & Hammer, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to make your next project a success.

  • ConcreteOpen or Close
    Concrete Fowler & Hammer, Inc. has over 50 years of experience perfecting the craft of forming, pouring, and finishing concrete. This experience combined with the latest technology and equipment is pivotal when striving to provide the highest quality concrete services available.

    Fowler & Hammer, Inc. understands the wide range of concrete challenges you may face as a business owner or facilities manager. We have the manpower to complete both small and large projects, along with specialty concrete work such as blast proof structures and decorative concrete. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to create quality, long lasting results no matter the scale of the job.

    Investing in the equipment necessary to keep our employees performing at peak levels has always been a priority at
    Fowler & Hammer, Inc. Equipment ownership also aligns with our philosophy of self-performing as much work as possible. This ensures you receive a consistent, high quality product each and every time.

    Whether you require a small repair or a large-scale, complex project, you’re in the hands of experienced construction professionals.

Client Feedback

“There are a few excellent builders in the area and Fowler and Hammer is certainly one of the best. Every dealing I have had with them has been outstanding. From the major renovation we did with them to the smaller maintenance level projects, they have always met or exceeded my expectations…”

From a subcontractor: “It has been a long time since we have worked on a job site as well organized as Ho-Chunk Medical Center. Not only were areas ready for us, but they were clean, free of other trades and warm…”

“This project has become the pride of our community. Every month we have visitors from other school districts who want a tour of our school. Fowler and Hammer provided excellent workmanship, strict supervision and attention to detail, positive leadership with the subcontractors and open communication with the Bangor School District administration…”

“We are very pleased with the pricing, timing and workmanship provided by Fowler and Hammer. As usual, you have been responsive to our needs and delivered what was promised.”

“We would like to thank you for the quality workmanship and timely responses to scheduling changes on this project. We look forward to future projects between our two companies.”

“From day one of our 10 month project, Fowler and Hammer was extremely professional, trustworthy, and really took care of us. Everything promised was done without delays, cost overruns, or excuses – period.”

“No deficiencies noted! This is an outstanding feat considering the size of the project and the progression. The contractor (Fowler and Hammer) is very safety conscious and is very responsive to any safety issue, large or small. Good job!!!”

“…let me express my sincere appreciation for the excellent work that your firm provided during the construction of the River Bank facility in Sparta.”

“I highly recommend Fowler and Hammer as a contractor to consider for either a new facility or a remodeling project.”

“I just want to say thanks for a job well done and on schedule. It was a pleasure working with you…”