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Employee Assistance Program


Fowler & Hammer, Inc. is enrolled in the employee assistance program at Gundersen Health System. Services will be available to all employees and their immediate family members.

EAP provides professional, confidential assistance to help you resolve concerns that affect your personal life or work performance. EAP can help with all types of problems such as marital and family problems, depression, financial concerns, alcohol and drug abuse, and work related issues. EAP is a benefit to you and your family provided by Fowler & Hammer, Inc. at no direct cost to you.

No information may be released to Fowler & Hammer, Inc., or any other person, about your participation in the program.

For free, confidential assistance call:

Gundersen Health System
608-775-4780 or 800-327-9991
Gundersen Health System Employee Assistance Program